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We want to help you get organized with your couponing situation.  No matter how big or small we are here to help you get organized.  See this pile of coupons, does that look like your pile after clipping the Sundays coupons out of the paper? I can imagine it might.  I have seen a few of these piles in my lifetime. Grab you something to drink and lets talk.  Read on . . . . 


stack of couponsHave you ever thought about using coupons, but then thought, ” I don’t have time for all this” … KEEP ON READING!!   I know for a fact you can learn how to save between 50-70% or more, off your grocery bill, REGARDLESS OF THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU HAVE. It takes some organization, plus  a pinch of planning, and then throw in a tad bit of knowledge. You will see it really is easy to save money on your groceries and pharmacies needs. This hobby will actually pay you back!! Seriously!!! I am an avid couponer. I have been using coupons for over twenty years!  Its really easy.  I know that shopping online has probably already got you accustomed to looking for deals just browsing the web.  I know of ways that pay you for making the same purchase you had planned on making anyway.  Have you ever been online thinking I wish I had a coupon to use here.  I know I have.  

Actually, most people shopping online try to spend less to make the best deal possible. Most folks, me included, are always trying to pinch our pennies the best way possible, right? Shopping at those brick & mortar stores, I have a tendency of checking the clearance rack first, do you? Maybe your local department store is having a sale and they send you coupons in the mail.  You might as well use the coupons if your going.  It just sweetens the pot a little bit more.  That’s what we are going to show you.  We are going to show you how to make your grocery store purchases cheaper then before just by using coupons and shopping smarter.  I have tried so many different ways to organize my coupons. LOL! 

First, I tried the envelope method. Next, was an index filing system. I had issues with the filing system.  I never could remember how I filed the coupons for diapers, or ketchup. I would look under the D or K, then I would switch to see if I filed under the brand names.  Every time I went shopping I would get so angry with myself. I would get so flustered every time I went to the store.  Back then, grocery shopping was a nightmare. It took me so much longer to shop then I really wanted to spend in the store.  Even though I had issues I did continue to use the filing system for quite a few years until my sweet child helped me clean off the table.  She picked up the box and it just flew out of her little hands. I know she didn’t mean to do it.  Bless her little heart, she was so cute as she said, “Mommy, here are your coupons.”  However, I had just spent the entire afternoon filing all my coupons clipped from that Sunday’s paper.  I just shook my head in defeat.  I actually quit using coupons for a while after that.  I kept telling myself too much trouble. Too time consuming.  Well, my darling hubby, heard about this way to save on groceries. Way back then it was only $25 for a box full of food. So he tells me this guy at work told him about it.  I said okay your deal you do it! Bless his little heart that day he brought the food home from church.  He looked at me and said it sounded like a lot but looking at it. “Honey, you do so much better with your coupons” What????? My husband who refused to go to the store cause “I took too long” wants me to go back to using coupons.  Halleluiah!! Just one problem, the filing system was a pain.  I  kept thinking there has got to be a better way to use coupons. I knew there had to be a better way, I just haven’t found it yet.  

Then I met Laura and she shared her binder method with us. We ran into her while shopping at Fred’s. I have been using the coupon binder system since the summer of 1999. binder methodI remember that day like it was yesterday.  We had been shopping at Fred’s, all day long. Back then, Fred’s doubled to a dollar on Saturdays (BTW, Fred’s still doubles to .70¢ on Saturdays). After running into Laura and her friends. My friend Kaye, and I hurried home.  I was excited. I didn’t know where I would get any of them pages but I had to have me some.  Well, imagine my surprise when my friend, Kaye, went into her sons room and dumped their baseball cards out of those plastic pages. All we had was the 9 pocket pages but it was a start. The nine pocket pages had these really small pockets. As we all know, coupons don’t come in the same size all the time.  I would fold and shove coupons into their pockets just to get it to fit.  After using those same pages for the past decade.  I started looking for pages for my photo album so I could combine all the little albums into one big album.  I found those pages and MORE!! I found there were pages with 3 long pockets and 4 pockets and 6 pockets.  I found pages that didn’t require me to mangle the coupon to get it to fit inside the pocket. Now you know my story, lets get started with your testimony. 

These pages are strong, made from the best materials as well as made in the United States.  The different style of pages will hold coupons where you can find them when you need them.  You will see an increase in your savings as well.  My out of pocket expense is decreasing every time I shop.  I know yours will too! 

My stockpile has grown tremendously. Unless it is a really great deal, I don’t bother with chasing the deals as much as I used to. I stop by my local convenience store to get a gallon of milk.  In the store, the generic is $4.39, and the convenience store is $2.99 a gallon.  I have friends that say yeah I need to use coupons, and I share my coupons with them if we are shopping together.  But for whatever reason, they just won’t make the leap into using coupons on a regular basis. 

I know my garage is full of items, as well as my pantry. I am extremely blessed to have more food then I have uses for. We donate on a regular basis. I have friends who come by and get what they need out of our garage. It warms my heart to know I am able to help out friends and family!

Whatever method fits your needs, doesn’t really matter. The important issue is getting started with using coupons. More and more companies are noticing customers being enticed to try new products with the offer of coupons.  The coupons have always been out there, but the manufacturers want you to cut the coupon out and rush to the store and pay full value for the item minus the coupon value.  That is not the way to save much money.  Knowing your prices and knowing when an item is on sale at its best price is the best way to shop every time you shop.  I am so excited to be able to help you gain an insight on using  coupons and figuring out which method works best for you to utilize your coupons.  

     Every day you put off getting started, is another day of paying WAY more then you should ever have to!!



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